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Prime Air Travel aims to arrange best tours and trips for you. We issue a Travel Warning when we need you to consider painstakingly whether you ought to go to a nation by any means. Case of purposes behind issuing a Travel Warning may incorporate shaky government, common war, continuous extraordinary wrongdoing or brutality, or incessant terrorist assaults. We need you to know the dangers of making a trip to these spots and to firmly consider not going to them by any means. Travel Warnings stay set up until the circumstance transforms; some have been as a result for quite a long time.

Similarly, we don’t want our clients to suffer while on tour, hence we issue a Travel Alert for some threatening events if they are at risk in a town you are planning to visit. For instance if there is some election going on in a country, we send you alerts regarding it as it can likely to result in strikes, disturbances and demonstrations, road jamming and hence can be unpleasant for travelers. Likewise, there can be an outbreak of certain illnesses like swine or malaria, risk of terrorist attacks. In the same manner when such threats are over and we foresee the things going well and smooth, we cancel the travel alerts.

Stay in touch with Prime air Travel and find out the best time for tourism and also find out the possible hurdles which you might encounter while on tour.

Other facilities we offer include, Air travel tips such as low air fares and cheap flights to your favorite destinations, hotel and apartment reservation at discounted rates, safety and health care guidelines while on tour, car travel tips in certain countries and rent a car options at special discounted rates, we also provide best tourist guides to you, who will guide you when and where to go.

One of the most important matter while you are travelling to some international destination is getting the most of your money. It is recommended to withdraw the local currency from ATM machines which are available at airports as soon as you arrive in any country. In some times however it is always sensible to purchase cash in advance.

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